The vision for Knowlton Brothers’ furniture is inspired by iconic mid-century modern forms, while still allowing nature to lend a guiding hand in the shaping and movement of our pieces. Our team of craftsmen and designers collaborate to create collections with unparalleled quality and detail. The result of this collaboration leads undeniably clean lines, and a timeless elegance that endures beyond passing trends.

For over 30 years the Knowlton family has provided innovative designs and the highest caliber of production, gaining appreciation for their work throughout the industry. A serendipitous turn of events led to the passing of the torch to new owners, with a like minded vision. Similar to Knowlton family history of design and woodworking, the new team also found their calling early in life.

At an early age brothers Trevor George-Fowler and Adam Pineo found their passion in woodworking. Their mutual love of the outdoors inspired years of honing their craftsmanship. While working with the natural materials they appreciate and respect so much, they inevitably developed a unique vision for design. Their passion took them to the beginnings of their very own furniture brand, Oaklore. In an effort to respond to the demand, and expand Oaklore’s business, they brought on long time friend Ron Firestone as partner and CEO. Ron's past business experience, and lifelong family involvement within the interior design industry, led to the ideal partnership and eventual acquisition of Knowlton Brothers. Sue Firestone, a pillar in the design industry, introduced the Knowlton family to Ron Firestone and the Oaklore team. Sue Firestone has also joined the company, bringing with her a lifetime of experience and success to help guide the future of the company with innovative designs and exciting new visions.

The torch passed is one that the new team will not only continue to carry, but also work day and night to brighten further.